Our Story

Hello, I’m Megan, owner, designer, maker, one-woman-show and founder of SPE Branded Leather.

I come from a family with generations of talented makers creating with their hands.

My obsession with leather began as a child being taught to hand stitch by my Father, using tools passed down by my great great Uncle. We made basic horse gear and strapping without finesse, to use on our cattle property.

Besides embracing my motto of ‘learn by doing’, I have been fortunate to partake in lessons and workshops from a variety of saddlers, whip makers, shoemakers and leather artisans.

My quest for knowledge and improvement is never satisfied and I continue to refine and expand my skill. 

Well, what can I do for you?

Combining my skill set, never ending crazy ideas, tendency to over engineer and my desire for quality, I create unique leather goods that handle everyday use.

So, ditch that throwaway society and let me create something for you that is beautiful, functional, fits and that will last a lifetime.